Garden Office in Gloucestershire, Glos

NEX GEN have just built another Garden Office in Cheltenham, Glos Gloucestershire.NEX GEN have just built another Garden Office in Cheltenham, Glos Gloucestershire.

The new garden office in Cheltenham, Glos Gloucestershire which we designed, built and installed is 3.5 m by 2.5m by 2.5m – the maximum height permitted in the UK without needing planning permission.

The garden office was constructed with our exclusive Heluz 25 cms grinded insulated blocks which provide a secure, fully insulated weatherproof  durable building.

So well insulated with it’s double glazed windows and door that this south facing garden office does not need any radiators to keep it snuggly and warm in the winter.

Our electrician also installed electric points and lights and broadband was hard wired from the house’s wifi system.

Being built with solid blocks means that the garden office should last a minimum of 50 years with the only maintenance required being that the external weather proofed rendering will need the odd clean every few years.

Which means that our garden offices will endure a lot longer than wooden sheds ever will last. And be a real investment in your home as it increases in value.

If you want to invest in a garden office – bespoke designed and built secure, durable, insulated, double glazed with electricity and broadband then please contact NexGen Habitat NOW for your quote 07515957089