Benefits of our thermal building blocks

Nexgen Habitat- Saving you money at the same time as improving your construction

There are a growing number of benefits of specifying and building a home using our exclusive thermal construction building blocks including:

1) Building Regulations Compliant

Our blocks have been tested and comply with numerous building requirements including BS EN 771 and BS EN 1745 regulations

2) Quick to Build

Only need one row and wall – not several layers of walls and separate insulation

3) Low Skilled and Cost Builders

Our blocks quickly glue together like lego not requiring expensive, scarce staff

4) Speedy Building

A 4 bedroom house can be built by a 4 man team in 7 days from foundation to roof.

5) Durable Construction

Out buildings are strong, fireproof, soundproof and durable with more than a 100 year lifespan

6) Excellent Thermal Properties

Passive houses can be built to 15 KwH

7) Environmentally Friendly

Out blocks are permeable, made of natural materials with good acoustic properties

8) Multiple Facilities

We can also supply sound and fireproof ceilings, lintels and chimneys

9) Onsite Training

We can provide onsite training to your construction operatives teaching them how to use these bricks most effectively.

10) Free Quotation Service

We can provide you with a quick quote service so that you can cost your next developments.

Nexgen Habitat have exclusive, sole UK rights to Heluz blocks.

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