Brick: HELUZ 17,5 grinded brick

Dimensions (LxWxH): 497 x 175 x 249 mm
Weight: 15 Kg
Class of compression strength: 10 MPa
Heat diffusion coefficient U: 1.04 W/m2K
Thermal resistance R: 0.7 m2K/W
Airborne sound insulation: 43 dB
Comsumption of bricks per m2: 8
Comsumption of bricks per m3: 45.7
pcs on the pallet 118×100: 80


The heat diffusion coefficient values “U” are given with plasters for the production plant in Hevlín at the strength 8 MPa or 10 MPa and thermal insulation mortar or mortar for full-area thin joint Heluz with ground bricks, if not mentioned otherwise.


Bricks from a thickness of 175 mm for internal load-bearing walls, and bricks with thicknesses of 80, 115 and 140 mm for non-bearing walls, pits and retention walls.

The brushed version of bricks for masonry on a thin gap significantly increase the speed of brickwork, reduce the consumption of mortar and wall humidity and saves both your time and money.


Take a look at our technical sheet below for the product.


  • the widest assortment of partitions and internal walls on the market
  • simple and very fast brickwork
  • contact of vertical joints with a tongue and groove without applying mortar
  • low mortar consumption
  • suitable ceramic substrate for under plaster
  • low diffusion resistance during water vapour transmission